Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Predator and Samus in her fusion suit.

They tore each other apart. Samus kicked predator in the fire of doom but somehow he survived. so Predator had his revenge... to beat the snot out of samus but she survived her blaster was out of energy so she scratched him with her spikes on her left arm. she skidded to escape the terrible beast. and she burned his arm. Samus decided to from a truce. The beast Predator agreed but Still they will battle some day.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Metroid 3000

This is the first time I used the computer to colour.
As Samus rose from the dead her suit became energised and toxic and the power created spheres of power into her suit. her beam has a new power. A lazer blade and a lazer rocket launcher codenamed ELEMENT X

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Silly Tin

The lazy Tin-man and darth vader are friends..... but not really...
Tin-man likes Darth and Darth hates the Tin man.
As you can see a python is about to eat him, which is the tin-man's python. The Polluted city behind them is the cause of the giant mutated spider. This picture is called "Silly Tin"

Adventure no. 1

Today I beat Zelda 'Twilight Princess". There was so many bosses. First there was Ganon's puppet Zelda, then there was Great beast Ganon, then you had to fight Ganon on his horse withn the help of Zelda's Light arrows which were formed by the gods..... most awesome game ever!!!!